среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Subbotnik or as we have done a cleaner world.

Bank, a bag, a plastic bottle, a box. This is not the morning after.
celebration in the office, it's - clean- but, rather, in the park pyatnichnik.
... in Moscow.

When we were asked to take part in cleaning the park, the idea.
accepted with considerable enthusiasm. And now we are in the company of relatives.
and friends, traveled to Yaroslavl highway. At start of your park guide and we waited.
keeper of the place Victor - he told me that the moose on the island Losiny.
Still inhabited, which is stored in reservoirs third of the total stock.
drinking water in Moscow, and that, in spite of the protected area in the park.
enough rubbish: warm weather, barbecues, picnics.

Armed with gloves and garbage bags, we went to clean.
coast career. Somehow it was like picking berries and mushrooms, if.
looking surface - grass, bushes, look closely - so much.
neekologichnogo all the land lies. Competed, ...
bags? ... ... ...

We met an elderly couple. He said: ...
organization? ' ... »« Google? . ...
thank you. ...

Bags we still did not have enough power, desire and debris remained.
Still, the world became a little clearer - we do feel it when.
walked back to the house of Victor.

As a school essay, we returned home tired and happy. Some current projects are discussed, someone quietly reading, and only the children played with the energy neissyakamoy: ...

Google Subbotnik - an initiative which is supported by the Google offices around the world.

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

It is proved that daily smoking triggers relapse of depression

Previous depression, daily smoking and lack of control over life circumstances - all risk factors for recurrence of depressive episodes, reports. Compulenta. with reference to a study published in the edition. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Depression - a common disorder that affects the quality of life. About 65 % of people with depression have recurrent episodes of illness.

To identify risk factors associated with long-term prognosis of depression, the researchers had to deal with 585 adult participants in the study of state. National Population Health Survey. Who suffered from depression in 2000-2001. 65% of respondents were female (mean age - 38.5 years) and 85 % of participants were middle and high income levels. More than half of the subjects experienced one or more episodes of depression in the next six years. It is curious that the immigration status of people with severe depression, giving a protective effect from relapse.

It was found that age, gender and income are not associated with future depressive episodes, and daily smoking, and lack of control over life circumstances, however, have direct relevance to them. If the participant felt that controls their lives and the surrounding circumstances, one could argue that depression does not touch it anymore.

In the future, scientists are going to find out whether you can treat depression with smoking cessation and the establishment of control over life circumstances.

четверг, 24 мая 2012 г.

Business in our opinion, Cyrillic, or deception

Russian business. Even in the high information technology continues to. like a game. The shell on the commuter train station area.

Six months ago, November 11, 2010 began loud register first Cyrillic domains in Russia. A few hours have made more than fifty thousand domains.