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Scientists have decoded the complete genome of gorilla

Scientists have decoded the complete genome of gorilla. Genetic material was taken in a 35 -year-old female Camilla, who lives in a zoo San Diogo.

As you know, have previously been studied genomes of human, chimpanzee and orangutan. According to scientists, humans and apes are nearly identical in the majority of base pairs: the human genome differs from that of chimpanzees by only 1.37%, gorillas - by 1.75 %, an orangutan - 3.4%.
Overall, the data showed that gorillas split from a common ancestor with humans and chimpanzees are about 10 million. years ago, chimpanzees and humans split about 4 million. years later. Thus cleared up a long-standing evolutionary puzzle. ... The first gave 7 million. years, the second - 4.5 million.
Sequencing was not without surprises. It is believed that if humans and chimpanzees diverged very recently, they are more similar to each other than to gorillas. However, 15% of human genes more closely resemble the options gorillas than chimpanzees. However, most of those 15 % do not encode proteins.
As for the functional genes, it became clear that certain regions of DNA - including taking part in the recognition of sounds and brain development - have been more rapid changes than expected, not only in humans but also in gorillas. Some of these changes are puzzling: LOXHD1 gene is involved in the recognition of sounds in humans, and therefore considered to be involved in speech, but just as quickly it has changed, and gorillas. But gorillas do not talk to each other, and this means that the relationship of the gene with the language is not so great.

Source: focus. ua.

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